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Your network service provider brings data to just one point on your premises.  We create an infrastructure which connects your offices, meeting rooms, lecture halls and beyond.

Here at PDA we supply and install commercial data cabling. From a central hub, through connecting cabling and ending at wall ports and outlets all over the building; we design network systems that serve desks and workstations throughout your site with the voice, data and internet connections they require.  

We are based in the East Midlands, UK, and serve the entire midlands area and beyond.  Our regular clients include Nottingham County Council, Coventry Building Society and Loughborough University. 

>Specialists in fitting new buildings with a new cabling network

From start to finish, we have the capacity to network a new office block, school or hospital with over a thousand outlets.  We can join a project in the planning stages, and will be there to service our systems after all the building work is finished. 

>Experts in moving existing network systems to better suit your needs

We are skilled in the complex job of moving existing systems.  If you are considering a new layout, we can re-locate comms cabinets and the entire network.  As these important systems often need to be back in action quickly, we work with you to meet your schedule.

We take pride in our work

Creating well thought out designs and installing equipment with the utmost care is essential for the longevity and successful future servicing of your system, and it’s what we do best. 

You can rest assured that once your premises is connected, it will look good – we continually consider the aesthetics of our work by, for example, designing concealed outlets in historic buildings.  Planning how the cabling and outlets will look throughout the building is part and parcel of our service to you. 

Environmentally considerate
We are careful to reduce, reuse and recycle our materials wherever possible.

Our services in summary

  • Installation and configuration of network equipment, wifi, switches and routers
  • Adding single communication outlets to an existing network
  • Moving existing networks to a new location
  • Network cabling fault finding
  • Testing and certification to the latest standards – including copper and fibre cabling
  • Provision of fibre optic cabling, in particular for connecting campus buildings
  • External underground or overhead cabling work to connect other buildings to the main network

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